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About which countries have clean air and where is the happiest place in the world

6 February 2020

Who breathes with what?

Experts from Greenpeace, an independent international non-governmental environmental organization, ranked countries with the cleanest air. Finland leads this list. Spain takes the second place in the countries with the cleanest air and Estonia closes the three finalists. Sweden is in 4th place.

According to Greenpeace, the dirtiest air in the world is in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Mongolia and Kuwait.

Where to find happiness?

The happiest place in 2019 located in the capital of Japan – Disneyland in Tokyo.

Sociologists conducted an interesting study and found out where tourists feel most happily. To do this, experts needed a world famous and popular social network. We analyzed a huge number of posts of Internet users on Instagram. People put #happiness. Then, specialists determined the comparable data. So, most often, tourists set the hashtag “Happiness” and funny emoticons under photos from Disneyland to Tokyo.

Disneyland Tokyo.jpg