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Aquaecology signed a major contract with Slavkali

27 February 2020

On February 14, Aquaecology signed a $5 million contract with Slavkaliy and therefore undertakes to complete the complex solution of the cooling tower complete with two pumping stations for the construction of the facility, provision of installation supervision and personnel training services.

Slavkaliy – the customer of construction in the Minsk region and commissioning of a mining and processing complex with a design capacity of at least 1,1 million tons of potassium chloride per year using Nezhinsky (eastern part), Smolovsky and Lyuban sections of the Starobinsky field as a raw material base potassium salts.

Акваэкология и Славкалий.jpg

In the photo from left to right:
  • Aleksandr Tereshko – director of ALC Aquaecology;
  • Julia Davidovich – head of sales and promotion department of ALC Aquaecology;
  • Sergey Popov – director of FLLC Slavkali;
  • Zhang Zhao – head of representative office in the Republic of Belarus Citic Construction Co., Ltd.
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