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Aquaecology took part in RRTC 2019

27 September 2019
On September 19-20 Aquaecology group of companies having teamed up with its partner ZymeFlow took part in the 19th conference and exhibition on oil refining technologies in Russia and the CIS countries.

ZymeFlow Decon Technology is a leading company in the field of reagent refining equipment technology for refineries which has been successfully operating on the world market for 25 years allowing refineries to receive additional income.

Our booth became almost the busiest since the company was immediately represented by 4 employees:

  • Vladimir Plavsky – Chief business development and PR officer (pictured left);
  • Nikolay Konchakov – General Director of Aquaecology LLC (pictured right);
  • Nikita Prigodsky – Head of the Technical Department;
  • Olga Veselova – Head of Regional Sales.

The most popular technology event brought together not only representatives of oil refining companies-leaders from Russia and the CIS countries but also their regional and international partners.

Russia & CIS Refining Technology Conference & Exhibition was held as part of the week of oil refining, gas and petrochemicals in Moscow 2019.

One of the sponsors of the event was the Aquaecology partner company which manufactures equipment and implements solutions from the production of aerospace equipment and transportation systems to chemicals and materials high purity and quality – Honeywell UOP Corporation.