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"Green" energy: to the start, attention, march!

13 November 2019

IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency)

According to Francesco La Camera, CEO of the International Agency for Renewable Energy, the pace of development of green energy is breaking records. So, now the cost of 1 kW of "green" energy is up to 2 cents, wind generation – 1.5. Due to the pressure exerted by market forces prices are plummeting.

After the commissioning of renewable energy sources in 2019-2020 the generated electricity will become cheaper than that obtained from fuel sources: coal, oil, etc.

IEA (International Energy Agency)

According to Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the IEA International Energy Agency, energy costs have dropped significantly due to two technological factors:

  1. The shale revolution when the world began to actively use the technology of oil and gas production from shale formations.
  2. The growth of solar energy.

Influential areas of innovation will soon include offshore wind.

Offshore Wind Outlook 2019

By 2040 offshore wind energy will develop as follows:

  • investments in this industry will amount to $1 trillion;
  • its total capacity will increase 15 times;
  • 420,000 TW•h/year energy will be generated by offshore power plants and this figure is 18 times higher than world demand.