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Microsoft Planetary Computer

29 April 2020

Microsoft – one of the largest multinational companies producing proprietary software – is engaged in a new project that will preserve the biodiversity of the Earth.

A planetary computer is an open computing platform that provides access to data on the state of natural ecosystems to scientists, conservationists, organizations and states. Artificial intelligence-based technology for data analysis will begin to use machine learning. A planetary computer will collect information from various sources, and with its help it will be possible to observe changes in the biosphere and make the most rational decisions regarding natural resources. For example, track changes in forest size or assess flood risks. It is interesting that absolutely any person can see or supplement this information.

The basic principles of a planetary computer:
  • use of data and technology;
  • expanding the capabilities of partners and customers all over the world;
  • participation in committees developing environmental policies;
  • responsibility for own ecological footprint.

Microsoft has taken a responsible approach to environmental protection and, thus, intends to protect more land than it occupies by 2025. In addition, supporting the global environmental initiative the company will achieve negative carbon emissions by 2030 and invest $1 billion in climate innovation.


Microsoft Corporation's partner in the development of an AI platform based on the Microsoft Azure cloud will be the American company Esri a manufacturer of geographic information systems.