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Pacific: good news

21 October 2019

The environmental problems of the largest body of water on Earth have remained relevant for decades. The trash islands of the Pacific Ocean extend hundreds of kilometers in diameter and the total accumulations of solid waste are three times the size of France.

Let's get back to the good: Dutch engineers from the non-profit organization The Ocean Cleanup developed a 600-meter floating barrier which in October collected the first batch of plastic. This is a U-shaped structure cruising through the water and cleansing it of debris (picture). The platform also has a three-meter-deep screen which provides a careful attitude to the marine ecosystem and sensors with transmitters for communicating its location with garbage trucks.

Ocean Cleanup Floating Barrier.jpg

Successfully caught plastic will be delivered ashore in December after which processing will begin. At the Rotterdam press conference the 25-year-old founder of the Ocean Cleanup project Boyan Slat said that in a few years there will be a large fleet of ships and the sale of plastic will cover operating costs.

Plastic products are not able to dissolve or decompose they remain on the surface of the water, forming garbage spots. Utilization of one plastic bottle releases energy which is potentially enough to ignite a 60 W bulb and burn it for 360 minutes. The participants of the project which began in 2013 have a hope to reduce the oceanic landfill by half. Create value together!