17 years in the market of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. And that is just the beginning!
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Aquaecology ALC started its activity in the market since 2002. At that time the company employed 2 people and a part-time accountant. There was 1 computer and a rented office of 9 sq.m. Nowadays there are about 30 employees at the head office of the company which occupies 400 sq.m. in the center of Minsk.

Since its founding the company's philosophy is to achieve the most desirable results, creating values for others.

_SCH4471.jpgInitially the company focused its efforts on the development of projects in the water and sanitation sector.

Aquaecology ALC begins its activity with the supply of German valves - "VAG Armaturen" and "ERHARD Armaturen", as well as supply of Swedish pumping equipment "ABS Pumps".

While developing, the company has established strong partnerships with such world leading manufacturers as "BASF" (Germany), "ALFA LAVAL" (Sweden), "FLOWSERVE" (USA), "HOBAS" (Switzerland, Austria) and several other companies.

In the public utilities sector we especially would like to mention the successful implementation of projects and winning international tenders, where we compete not only with Belarusian, but also with the leading foreign companies (see. References).

Since 2006, tapped the market of water and wastewater treatment, Aquaecology started to cooperate with energy supply companies (see. References).

Since 2008, the company has had the first success in the field of mining and petrochemical industry of Belarus. Aquaecology ALC cooperates with such companies as "Mozyr Oil Refinery", "Naftan", "GrodnoAzot", "Belaruskali", "Belorusneft".

In 2009, the company made its first steps in a new direction - projects in the field of renewable energy. In cooperation with the engineering company which has 30 years of experience in the construction of biogas plants - AAT Abwasser- und Abfalltechnik GmbH (Austria) - Aquaecology ALC started to build the country's first biogas complex at the wastewater treatment facilities in Baranovichi in 2009. In ​​addition to the technologies for the production and usage of biogas, Aquaecology ALC also deals with the introduction of the most advanced technologies for the production of electricity from waste energy; production of electricity and heat by CHP running on local fuels; solar, wind and water energy.

In order to develop this direction, in 2009 Aquaecology ALC acted as co-founder of "Renewable Energy" Association. The association aims to unite the efforts of government and the private sector for the implementation of joint research, development, production, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of renewable energy equipment.

In addition to professional competence growth and increase in sales Aquaecology ALC expanded its territorial presence. The logical step for such dynamics was the entry to the Russian market and in 2011 to the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan (see References) that allows us to respond quickly and to meet the needs of our customers, to expand the geography of supplies, to ensure a proper level of service and customer support, to develop new directions for the company.

The company's staff is a team of professionals. The team core, its management, has remained unchanged since its founding and the first years of activity. The team is constantly enhanced by joining professionals.

Still the company went through hard times:

- During the first formative years the company was on the brink of survival;

- The most difficult challenge for the company began in 2011. Due to the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble of 200% it was impossible to convert legally Belarusian rubles into foreign currency for 6 months; after 6 months the company received interim financial result of a loss of over 2 million euros. It was not possible to conduct business and compensate for losses caused by exchange rate differences.

The company managed to cope with all of the difficulties and achieve significant results due to the fact that we consistently adhere to the company's philosophy; We build a trusting relationship based on “win-win” principle with our partners; individual approach to the solution of customer’s problems and building steady partnership relations with them; the company's employees are showing strong-willed character, high competence and team spirit; we consistently diversify destinations and markets the company's activities; we use an integrated approach to the implementation of projects; we gained reputation and trust in the eyes of customers; we constantly develop new dimensions and market segments; we believe that "what does not kill us makes us stronger!"

_SCH4766.jpgToday the company operates in the following market segments:

  • Water supply and wastewater disposal utilities;

  • Heating network;

  • Hydro and thermal power plants;

  • Renewable energy;

  • Chemical and petrochemical industry;

  • Mining industry.

As the company grows, range of its products and services develops too. At the moment, our company provides the following services:

  • Development of integrated technology solutions and projects:

  • Supply of equipment and materials in the framework of integrated solutions as well as individual components, including installation supervision, supervision of commissioning, training of customer personnel; service maintenance.

  • Chemicals for industries (selection, delivery, service support).

  • A range of "turnkey" projects.

We have experience in implementation of the projects financed by international financial institutions: the World Bank, the EBRD.

_SCH4820.jpgIn our work we appreciate the most:

  • The possibility to bring out our skills;

  • To learn, communicate, work, and compete with the best companies in the country and in the world;

  • To develop both professionally and personally;

  • To have the freedom in the expression of will, decision-making and disposal of time;

  • To benefit our customers and the communities in which we live and work;

  • To save the planet by reducing the environmental load.

The company constantly improves the quality of services and products. In October 2014 quality management system of ALC Aquaecology was ISO 9001-2009 certified and in 2016 company confirmed the certificate.